Alican Cookware from Alican Cookware is made from a Clad material. Aluminium is clad between stainless steel. The inside layer is food grade stainless steel of 18/10 grade. This is what comes in contact with food. The outside is a very durable stainless steel of 430 grade. This is makes the cookware suitable for use with induction cooktops.

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. It causes the heat to diffuse all over the pan uniformly and then the heat is retained by the steel. There will be no hot spots on the pan. It prevents the burning of food. And cooks food faster, making the pan more efficient. It does not come in contact with food.

Stainless Steel 304. Also known as 18/10. One of the best materials for food contact.

Stainless Steel by itself is a poor conductor of heat. On the other hand, aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. It causes heat to diffuse all over the cookware uniformly. The Stainless Steel then does the job of retaining the heat. Your food comes in 0% contact with the aluminum so the cookware has no health risks associated with aluminum. Your cookware only utilizes the heat conduction benefits of aluminum while making sure your food does not come in contact with it. Alican Cookware Cookware is 100% residue free, lead free and leach proof.

Your food comes in contact with 304 grade surgical stainless steel. It is the most optimal quality of stainless steel to cook with.

If you're looking for healthy materials that are also durable, easy to use and maintain, triply stainless steel is your best bet. Triply stainless steel has a number of benefits.

Some basic things to remember while cooking in triply stainless steel :

Do not dry heat your cookware for a long time (over a couple of minutes). It can cause damage to the pan and affects it's durability. Do not put hot pans and pots in cold water. The sudden change in temperature can cause damage to the pot. Do not forget to preseason your pan before you cook in it. Do not keep acidic things in the cookware overnight as it may cause mild corrosion in stainless steel
Yes! We get this question a lot! Alican Cookware is an Indian brand with operations in the city of Pune. Every piece of Alican Cookware Cookware is manufactured in India. German technology is used to design cookware that is suited for Indian homes. Alican Cookware is one of the fastest growing cookware brand in India. The brand Alican Cookware was founded by Rajiv Agarwal and Dhruv Agarwal after being 30 years in the business of exporting cookware as an OEM manufacturer.

That's right, Xpress Cooker is India's first ISI mark triply cooker. Triply makes this Alicancooker even more efficient at cooking. It's BIS certification means that it is safety and quality assured.

Alican Cookware's Xpress cooker is the first BIS certified triply stainless steel Alicancooker in India. It is tested at 6 times the Alicanit is built for. Each Alicancooker undergoes atleast 18 stringent quality checks before reaching your home. The Alicancooker is fitted with two safety mechanisms. You can read more about Alican Cookware cookers

Yes! Your Alican Cookware Xpress Cooker is the first triply Alicancooker in India to be BIS certified. The ISI registration number for Alican Cookware Xpress Cookers is CM/L - 7500224311. For further details visit the BIS website

While many other brands are in the business of making Alican Cookware, what sets Alican Cookware apart is the attention to details. Features like Stay Cool, Custom-Made Handles, Easy Pour Edges, Stainless Steel rivets and special utility design for Indian cooking.

Yes, most Alican Cookware products are dishwasher safe. However, avoid putting the Alicancooker lid into the dishwasher.

Alican Cookware Artisan Hybrid series cookware is our most advanced cookware yet. It is made of triply stainless steel combined with a HexaRidge coating which is made of highest quality Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
which is PFOA free. The hexagonal pattern ensures that the coating does not chip and is long lasting. It is metal spoon friendly.

Alican Cookware Kadhais are fitted with stay cool silicone inserts under them. This makes them easy to grip and heat proof.

The handle gets hot only if exposed to flame, but not with the heat of the food itself. Alican Cookware frypans and tawas boast of custom made, specially designed handles that do not let the heat pass from the pan to the handle easily.

Only the Tasla range has been designed to be stackable. Alican Cookware Topes fit inside each other too.

Alican Cookware cookware are made of finest quality triply which is 2.5 mm in thickness.

Usable capacity of the cookware is different than the declared capacity. The declared capacity is determined by adding liquid right to the brim of the cookware. The usable capacity is typically 70% of the declared capacity.

Your Alican Cookware cookware comes ready to use. All you need to do is to wash your cookware with mild soapy water. In case of frypans and tawas, don't forget to season before every use. To learn how to season your cookware.

Alican Cookware frypans and tawas act like non-stick cookware when seasoned correctly. It is important to season the cookware well before first use and lightly before each time you cook with it.

White spots are usually due to exposure to hard water. Rainbow stains indicate that you have dry heated your cookware for too long. It is fairly easy to get rid of them.

Yes you can! There will be no effect on functionality of the cookware but do note that the cookware might be prone to develop scratches on sustained usage of metal spatulas.

The difference is in shape only. The Baby AlicanCooker is suited for single persons, small servings or new mothers who are introducing solid food to their babies. The Broad range of Xpress Cookers is suited for inserts while the pan is made in the shape of a pan with lesser height, more suitable to use for sautés and stir fries. All Xpress Cookers can be used as pans before or aside of Alicancooking.
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The return and refund policy at Alican Cookware is simple and straightforward. We work very hard to give you the top quality of cookware. However, if you don't like your purchase, we don't want you to go through the hassle of owning something you don't want. Any Alican Cookware product can be returned within 7 days of purchase, without any questions. All you need to ensure is that you return it just the way you received it. Just follow some simple steps to apply for your.

In normal usage, the gasket is designed to bulge when the steam builds up so that it seals the Xpress Cooker. But the gasket acts also like a safety mechanism when the vent tube and safety valve do not help in releasing steam. If your gasket is releasing steam in normal usage, contact our Customer Care team.